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Is there a credibility of making money online?

While walking around,

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(I see, so this is Cherin, huh…)

I remembered an article in a travel magazine that I read before leaving for this spring training camp.

Cherin is an isolated island surrounded by the sea on all sides, and is one of the small-scale nations that form one of the Five Great Powers, Polyesta Federation.

Originally an unpopulated island that no one lived on, but people mesmerised by the beauty of the national treasure, “100 Million Year Sakura” at the southern tip of the island, moved in one after another, and eventually became a country.

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Because of this historical background, the closer you get to the Hundred Million Year Sakura, the more developed the city will be.

(Even so, there is a “mysterious charm” here.)

Looking around, I see only old wooden buildings.

There was not one stone-built house, let alone a steel frame one.

(At first glance, it looks like a group of houses that are about to collapse at any moment, but…)

Looking closely, it was endowed with the strength and weight of the trees – the power of nature.

This is certainly the one that is creating a unique atmosphere.

(But still, there are so many people here.)

There should still be quite a distance from the 100 Million Year Sakura tree located at the southern tip of the island, and yet…

Everywhere I looked, it was full of tourists.

Perhaps because it is a global tourist destination, there were different races and outfits.