Is there a real game online?

Is there a real game online?

However, after recalling that Boss Pei had been behind this arrangement, Lin Wan felt that there was a deeper meaning buried in it.

After all, when he had been briefing her on this task, Boss Pei seemed to have high hopes for her. Not only would she be a ‘communications button’, but she would also be the ‘carrier of Tengda Games’ spirit’.

If she gave up just like that, perhaps she would never understand Boss Pei’s true intentions. This arrangement could contain the key to her becoming stronger.

Lin Wan considered all of these for a long time. Finally, she made up her mind.

In any case, Boss Pei was going to leave her work desk in Tengda Games empty. She could go back whenever she wanted. She would take this opportunity to challenge herself in Shang Yang Games. This was quite a rare chance to do so after all.

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At Shang Yang Games…

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In the conference room…

Ye Zhizhou, Wang Xiaobin, and the others secretly and apprehensively sized Lin Wan up as she sat on the other side of the table. Lin Wan had just arrived at Shang Yang Games. She was holding onto a little book and playing the part of a guilty intern.

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However, to everyone else, Lin Wan was stressing them about by furiously writing notes in her notebook. As for this leader that had been parachuted in from Tengda, everyone felt apprehensive and uneasy.

The main problem was that they could not guess what Boss Pei was thinking.

Did Boss Pei trust Shang Yang Games or not?

They couldn’t say he did not. He had left it completely up to Shang Yang Games to come up with a design plan for the new game. The new chief planner was also a newbie groomed from within Shang Yang Games. The company’s framework had not been changed, too.

Yet, they also could not say he did. Why else would he have parachuted someone from Tengda in now that they were on the brink of producing the new game?

According to Boss Pei, Lin Wan was going to be the new Development Director. In essence, she was going to be like a creator. However, it did not seem like someone in a position like that would be able to manage everyday operations. She would probably be more of an overseer.

One could say that there were three key roles in Shang Yang Games now: Ye Zhizhou, who was in charge of the creation and general planning of games; Wang Xiaobin, who was in charge of systems design and administration; and Lin Wan, who had veto power over every important decision made in the company.

Before this, Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin could take charge of all game planning in the company. They reported to Boss Pei directly.