Mobile phone online typing platform download

Mobile phone online typing platform download

“If you keep looking at me without saying anything, it’ll just make me feel a bit creeped out, you know?”


I turned away, deciding to look out the window for a bit.

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In such a confined classroom, I could hear everything that was being said, no matter where I was actually looking.

“I wonder what kind of exam it will be? What will it ask of us?”

“You seem to be feeling anxious about that point in particular, but it’s nothing you need to be worried about. This supplementary special exam will have nothing to do with things like academic or physical ability. When the time comes, you’ll just be expected to do something so simple that anyone should be able to do it, like writing your own name down on the test paper. If there’s ultimately only a three percent chance of dropping out of school, that’s definitely low, wouldn’t you agree?”

Throughout all of this, she had been trying to avoid touching on the true nature of the problem: the content of the exam.

“…If difficulty is unrelated, then that three percent is pretty scary for us.”

“Certainly, it’s as you say, Hirata. It’s not like I can’t understand how you’re feeling. However, whether or not you’ll be able to lower that percentage will be based on the preparations you make before the official exam comes to pass. As you’ve probably already imagined, the results of the exam will change depending on your actions.”

“Where was this dropout rate derived from? Based on what you’ve told us, it sounds like we’re just drawing lots. Is that the case?”

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The chance of someone in this class dropping out of school wasn’t laughable.

Although Chabashira had understated the dropout rate, the burden it placed on the students was greater than anticipated.