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“Of course! I’m on level 3. What about you?”

“Me too! Man, why does the middle part is the most compelling in these type of games!”

“It’s super effective as well! What’s wrong with gaming otakus! They’ll go high whenever someone throws the word ‘gaming’ out!”

Aguri-san seems to be talking about something, but us gamers can’t hear her already. Chiaki and I sat next to each other and even turned our bodies as we chatted enthusiastically.

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“I know you! When there’re a lot more missions available in the mid-game after you passed the tutorial, it really excites me!”

“Yeah! Especially when there’s a job system in the game. After you found a quick level-up spot in the mid-game or late-game, the ‘experience ceiling’ is expanded at once. It feels my heart with hope and expectation, and that’s the best part!”

“I 100%!a(MISSING)gree with you! Level 3 in this generation is exactly the same! I stopped advancing through the main storyline for 10 hours, just to level up my character!”

“Yeah! That’s it! Once you start leveling up, it already feels like you’re not doing it to beat the boss, you’re just doing it for the sake of gaining experience! You don’t like going through the story anymore, am I right!”

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“I feel like I would just live there. That’s like getting stuffed up in an all-you-can-eat buffet.”

“That’s a great metaphor, Keita!” Sigh, but that sense of depravity is a fun part of the game…”

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“That’s true, Chiaki-san.”

The two of us just looked at the sky and let out a reveled sigh.

…At the opposite seat, Aguri-san put her elbows on the table and looked at us dumbfoundedly.

“…How should I put it? If we put all the complicated situation aside, …how about you two just start dating right away?”

She seems to be babbling about something, but Chiaki and I are entirely devoted to chatting about the game, so we didn’t have time to care.

Just as we’re relished in this blessed moment like we’re in a hot spring, we spoke up at the exact same time.

“By the way, the best part of this generation is still-“

“By the way, the worst part of this generation is still-“