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Indeed, a cutting flash split into multiple layers seemingly at the speed of light.

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“What, that Rebal, even that sword!”

“Even among senior swordsmen there are only a few users...”

“That might kill him!”

Naturally, the audience would think ‘this is the end’.

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At the moment, I’m not clad in magical power.

If I fail to avoid a single blow, that’s it.

So I avoid it... with full spirit!

“Can’t you catch me?”


All strikes, shortest distance, minimum, fastest evasion.

The feet move lightly showing the results of the ladder training, and move as smooth as I imagine.

The commands sent by the brain reaches to the body at the speed of light and are executed.

Lightning fast footwork.

“...... h-hey... Rival fella, how many swords...”

“Tsu... h-hey, for some time now...”

“...... Wait a minute?”

“Um, hey? Mr. Rebal’s sword... it’s quite a while.”

“Wha-, hey, that... By any chance....”