Can anyone teach me to buy a game and equipment?

Can anyone teach me to buy a game and equipment?

Every time they sold a unit, they would replenish stocks. As long as they kept their inventories full, Pei Qian could guarantee that he would have no spare cash!

Pei Qian could no longer count on ROF to incur losses. As long as they spent all of the money that they earned, Pei Qian would let them off.

Confused, Zhang Yuan said, “Boss Pei, if we have too much inventory, we might face greater pressure to make sales. Now that we can’t run promotional events anymore, what if we fail to sell the system units…?”

Pei Qian raised his hand. “Don’t worry about that. That’s what we’ll do! If there are not enough warehouses, we can always rent more. The secret to expanding your business is to make sure that you have no spare cash on hand at all times, understand?”

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Zhang Yuan opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. After a while, he nodded and said, “I-I understand.”

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Pei Qian had no more motivation after Zhang Yuan’s actions. He originally just wanted to come here to play a game but then he encountered his employees secretly messing up his plans!

Pissed off!

Pei Qian switched off the computer, sat at the coffee area, and ordered a cup of coffee. He thought about life while drinking.

Life was so tough!

After careful calculations, Pei Qian realized that the only projects that were working hard to lose money were Fish-Catching Take-Out and Upwind Logistics. There was a cold stab in his back suddenly. It was too difficult.

Pei Qian could not take it lightly before the settlement. He had to plan ahead. It was about time to think about the next development of Fish-Catching Take-Out and Upwind Logistics.

Especially Fish-Catching Take-Out. They were currently relying on Fish-Catching Internet Cafe so they could only deliver to the region around Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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However, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 1.0 was now profiting steadily. No matter whether it was raking sales of drinks or online business or the internet cafe. The Internet cafe had now turned losses into profits.

Pei Qian was thinking if he should find an opportunity to hive out Fish-Catching Take-Out?

Try to take the form of a fast-food chain so that customers could eat in stores or could order takeaways.

This way, he could get rid of the profitable Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 1.0, expand Fish-Catching Take-Out to cover the entire Jingzhou, and continue to lose more money…

However, he had to give it some more thoughts. Would that cause any undue repercussions?