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While talking to me, Horikita was putting her textbook in her bag in order to return to the dorms. There probably aren’t many students that take their textbooks back and forth to review and prepare for the lessons. It’s a sad thought.

“Eh, not really. How about you, Horikita? As the only person who helped out Sudou.”

“Hmm… Well, we still don’t know how many positive points we’ll get.”

My neighbor, Horikita, replied with an uninterested voice.

When Sudou was on the brink of being expelled, she purposely lowered her own grades, and spent her points to buy a point on the test for him. I didn’t expect that kind of behavior from her.

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At the same time, we both got up from our seats out walked out of the classroom together. I don’t know when, but we started going back to the dorms together. Since we don’t eat together, nor hang out, it’s strange that it became this way. The only thing we had in common was that we were walking back on the same exact path. That’s probably why we ended up walking together.

“I feel a bit worried. About what Sensei said this morning.”

“About how our points were being delayed?”

“Yea. It looks like there was trouble, but is that trouble on the school’s part or from our part? If it’s the latter…”

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“You’re overthinking it. Lately, we haven’t been making trouble. She said so herself. I doubt class D would’ve been the only class to not get any points. Simply speaking, it’s the school’s issue.”

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If there was strong concern for worry, all first-years would’ve been delayed, so the probability that class D is involved is rather low. …Probably.

“I wish that was the case. After all, trouble directly affects our points.”

Everyday, Horikita always thinks about how we can increase our points. She doesn’t think about her private points, but rather, the class points so that she can reach class A. Of course, it’s not impossible, but even then, it’s pretty far from our grasp.

However, there’s still hope. If Horikita is able to find a reliable way of increasing our points, it’ll become a great advantage for class D. Furthermore, our classmates will trust Horikita more and she’ll be able to make more friends. A win-win situation.

“Oh, right, you should join the chat. You’re the only one who hasn’t participated.”

Taking out my phone, I opened the group chat application.

After the test, we invited Horikita to the group chat. Kushida thought that Horikita, who hated interacting with other people, would be able to participate if it was a group chat. However, her efforts were in vain, and Horikita hadn’t participated at all.

“I have absolutely no interest. I also keep my notifications off.”