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As diamond-tier stores, there was a need for further ratings between them. What’s more, once the entire street was connected, various interactive activities could be fully unfolded. Only then would the entire Cyberpunk Food Street be complete.

After reaching the third stage, the straight line of the snack street would be close to two kilometers. However, there would be some twists and turns along the way. The actual tour might be about 2.8 kilometers.

This also meant that the snack market and Thriller Hostel would be connected through the entire snack street.

Pei Qian stopped in his tracks, his mind filled with question marks.

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He looked at Zhang Yahui on the left and Liang Qingfan on the right.

“This street... what’s going on?”

Zhang Yahui was stunned. “What do you mean what’s going on? Boss Pei, this is the ‘Cyberpunk Food Street’ that I’ve been talking about just now.”

Pei Qian was confused. “The snack market...”

Zhang Yahui pointed behind him. “This farming market is a snack market. The one outside is a snack street.”

Pei Qian: “...”

This was really messed up!

Zhang Yahui had mentioned the keyword ‘snack street’ many times before.

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However, Pei Qian did not pay much attention to it.