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“Look, this is the Auspicious Garden District. It’s southwest of the snack market, and southeast of it is the Thriller Hostel. It’s roughly shaped into a triangular shape.”

“If it was just for these two projects, he should have bought the house at the side of the snack street. However, now, there is an additional journey inexplicably.”

“Does this mean that... there will be some projects in the future in the north of the Auspicious Garden District?”

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“It would make sense if there are new projects in the north of the Auspicious Garden District. This house can focus on multiple projects at the same time. The distance from each project is acceptable!”

“As for why Boss Pei wore a mask and personally handled the procedures... Obviously, he did not want to leak the news and attract too much attention!”

Che Rong was stunned for a moment before he said, “Boss Li, do you mean that this house is going to appreciate? Then I’ll be selling at a loss!”

Li Shi glanced at him. “Stupid! Would you lose out if you sold it to Boss Pei?”

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“Boss Pei will definitely find other ways to make up for it!”

“Think about it. Did Boss Pei say anything to you?”

Che Rong tried hard to recall. “Er... Boss Pei asked about the gym’s name when we were chatting previously. However, he only asked casually and did not say anything else.”

Li Shi nodded slightly. “That’s right! Boss Pei must be planning to invest a sum of money into Star Bird Fitness in private. Otherwise, he would not have deliberately asked.”

Che Rong could not help but feel excited.

Boss Pei would personally invest?

Wouldn’t Star Bird Fitness take off on the spot?

In fact, Star Bird Fitness was already showing signs of taking off after being invested by Boss Li and the others. However, it was still a level away from Tengda.

For example, the delivery of the smart fitness drying rack was done through Boss Li to contact Chang You. There were several levels after all.