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“Change? You’re not just talking about looks, right?”

“Yeah. I can’t say it clearly yet, but… I’ve started to think that I should change, that I have to change. It’s not good enough for me to be bad at both studying and sports.”

Even though her cheeks were flushed and she felt embarrassed, Airi expressed her determination.

“So the start is your appearance.”

“Haruka-chan scolded me, saying that it’s not good to be deliberately inconspicuous.”

By nature, Airi doesn’t like to stand out because of her personality.

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That’s why she lives her life keeping her hairstyle modest and wearing unnecessary fake glasses. As for posture, she often rounds her back and keeps her head low. She can’t improve her studies or sports abilities overnight, but she can fix her appearance. As Airi gazed at the pool, she saw that in the new match, the ball had been smashed into the water and Akito had scored a point against Haruka.

This gave Akito a lead of 3 points to 1.

“It’s too late…I guess.”

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After telling me everything, Airi looked up at me anxiously.

“No, it’s not too late.”

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I wanted to praise her honestly for making that decision.

“I’m rooting for you.”

“T-thank you, Kiyotaka-kun. I’ll try my best.”

“Ah, yeah, yeah, I forgot to tell you earlier but Airi’s image change is still a secret, okay? We’ll be unveiling it to everyone when the second semester starts.”

It would be better to do it in a classroom with all the students present. At any rate, if she’s going to be nervous, the fewer times, the better.

“So what did you think, Yukimuu? When you saw Airi.”

Haruka, who was serving, stopped what she was doing and spoke to Keisei, who was watching the match.