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Then, it doesn’t matter how good my dynamic vision or peripheral vision is. I can’t see anything.

However, Shinobu does not respond to my shouts.

She won’t do anything stupid to reveal her whereabouts.

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And instead of her voice......

『Child 』

“Huh. Whoa, whoa, whoa!?”

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Kunai flies instead of a reply. A few stab me on my arms, shoulders, and feet, cut my skin, and hurt me.

To be honest, you can’t see a Kunai until they’re on the verge of hitting.

And the moment you see it, it’s too late.

No matter how good my reflexes and visual acuity are, there are limits to avoiding this.

“Ugh, there! Thunder Spell, 【Kilo Thunder!】”

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Still, the general direction can be grasped based on where the kunai struck.

The lightning strike is dropped toward the direction where Kunai flew from.

However, there is no response. Was it avoided?

『Do not shoot blindly into the fog. She is throwing a kunai while moving. Even if done by intuition, your attacks are for naught.』

「Damn, that girl... didn’t seem had the nerve to use such awful underhanded tricks!」

『Be Calm, child. This is the Shinobi way. This is a Ninja Warrior.』

「Huh... you mean?」

Tre’ainar’s words, saying this is a ‘Ninja Warriors’, carries weight.