How to make money on Dunhuang online

How to make money on Dunhuang online

I won’t refund the game!

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Hu Xiao’s temper was rising once again; not even nine bulls could hold him back. He would push through the game today!

With rage, Hu Xiao resumed playing the game. “Wait. How much did the game cost?

“Oh, 128.

“So be it. I don’t care.”

October 3rd…

Three days had passed. Pei Qian had been observing Repent and be Saved’s situation very closely. After all, he had high hopes for the game. He could not afford any more losses.

He looked at the netizens’ comments first. All in all, they had gone just as Pei Qian had expected.

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The game was being criticized through and through!

Players were saying all sorts of things, especially in the comments section of the official Weibo post. Many players on the official platform also gave the game a one-star rating and left negative comments.

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There were heated arguments in the forums, and gamers seemed to be extremely polarized.

At the moment, there were many comments about the game on TPDb’s website, including comments from paying customers and netizens in general.

Repent and be Saved had an overall rating of 7.2 on TPDb. Paying customers and netizens had obviously pulled its ratings down.

Only a short period had passed. Most games media would not have completed the game. Thus, the media’s comments and ratings were not available yet. There was no way Pei Qian could analyze the game’s overall reception.

Pei Qian did not feel particularly confident about this. After all, games media would not be too concerned about the game’s difficulty. Instead, it would rate the game more holistically, based on the game’s quality, content, design, and the like.

These games media might give the game quite a high rating for its quality alone. Then, its ratings on TPDb would increase.