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“But, I really didn’t expect this! Even though I've heard for a bit in the past, …you’re quite good, Oiso!”

“Thanks, …even though I literally never have heard your name.”

“Yeah, it’s because I don't really play fighting games these days!”

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Main-san said that as she delivered a heavy blow to Oiso-senpai. …This person is really your overwhelmingly strong demon king. Why does a person that “doesn’t really play fighting games” have the same or even higher combat power than Oiso-senpai? …Sheesh.

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Oiso-senpai’s character distanced herself and then immediately switched to attacking Tendou-san. At the same time, Main-san continued.

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“But, I don’t get it, Karen Tendou!”


Tendou-san barely evaded the attacks as she answered. When Oiso-senpai is casually dealing with Chiaki’s character, Main-san pressed on.

“Why aren’t you three ganging up on me? I thought this would be the case. I’m really disappointed, …ah!”

Main-san’s sharp attack hit Tendou-san. Including the sustained damage, Tendou-san’s character was kicked out of the island.

Aguri-san gasped because she didn't understand the game. Mii-chan’s actually the one to answer her, “It’s still okay, Aguri-nee-chan.”

She looked at the screen happily and explained.

“You’re more likely to be knocked out the more damage you take. However, you can still come back if you put in the effort.”

“The effort?”

“Yes, just like that.”