Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Money Money

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Money Money

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And, Toulowe opened his legs wide and was poised. With trembling feet, you can’t jump in, but you can firmly support your body.

Without taking a step back, he took a stance as if to intercept me.

In other words, I’m the one who should come first.

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Then, I also launch the strongest blow which jumps in without fearing for injury or life.

“Let’s go! 【Great Demon Jolt Blow】!”

Like throwing yourself out, a full swing with the power and weight of the whole body!

“【Praying Mantis Demolition Fist】!!”

I was intercepted, with all his might, Toulowe put his strength into one mid-level thrust.

Unlike previous high-speed attacks, he focused his strength on a single point.

The thrust deeply dug into my side as I jumped in....

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By that amount, my Jolt pierced the same point even deeper, without an inch of difference ....

“...... Pu, pu... oof.”

Finally, my knee completely collapsed and Toulowe went down.

And Toulowe...

“...... not win.... enough............... give up...... Earth strong...”