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“Yea, but no boy goes in alone. They always go in with other girls. Only those kind of boys go to the cafe.”

Horikita tried to recall information about Pallet as she pondered over it.

“That does sound correct. It’s unusual for Ayanokouji-kun to have a reasonable opinion.”

“But I’m still interested in the place. So I thought I would to invite you to come with me.”

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“Naturally, since… you have no one else to invite, right?”

“That’s a rude way to put it, but yea.”

“And if I refused?”

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“Then that’s that. I have no choice but to give up. I can’t force you to give up your private time, after all.”

“… Understood. What you said seems to be true. I can’t spend too much time, though. Is that fine?”

“Yea. I won’t be there long.”

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I added “probably” in my mind. If she knew that Kushida was involved, Horikita would probably reproach me.

Because I can talk to Kushida and was able to invite Horikita, I started to think that I probably could’ve become friends with Horikita by myself.

After all, whether it was the club for or the cafe, Horikita went with me, despite complaining all the time. It’s a miracle considering I find it hard to make friends.

After leaving together, we finally arrived at the cafe, Pallet, on the first floor of the school building.