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“It’s true that my relationship with Karuizawa… isn’t ordinary.”

“That’s why I wanted to know about your true strength, Ayanokouji-kun.”

“No, that-”

“We got to this part already, so why don’t you just tell me anyway?”

“That’s not the case, how can I say this, it’s a bit difficult to put this into words.”

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As I was stammering around, my gaze escaped and focused on a faraway place.

Facing Matsushita who still refused to let this go, I had to continue talking.

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“It’s a bit hard to say. No, well, not really… Well, I feel like it’s simply from the influence of from how I conveyed to Karuizawa that I liked her. Instead of saying that I’m special to her, it’s better to say that she has a sort of strange awareness towards me.”



The two of us looked at each other.

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“Isn’t it because Karuizawa-san noticed your strength, and that’s why she thinks you’re special?”