What do you make money on the online video?

What do you make money on the online video?

“Have we been taken for a ride? I don’t think that UP Master was talking bad about Shenhua’s cell phones; isn’t this the basic flow of a hardcore review?”

Pei Qian looked at quite a few comments as he was a little baffled.

What was going on; why were people arguing about this?

This episode had indeed gained in popularity. However, it evidently wasn’t a normal type of popularity; it was the type that was triggered by arguing and fighting online.

Some people were talking bad about Shenhua’s cell phones while some were offering rebuttals. Some people were sitting on the fence as well. All in all, the comments section was lighting up.

Pei Qian wasn’t particularly biased towards any cell phone brand and wasn’t interested in this sort of online bickering. However, after turning to the next page in the comments section, he finally found who was causing this ruckus.

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The first major UP Master that shared this episode was the official account of ‘Shaohu Reviews’. As this platform had misrepresented the episode, many viewers had misunderstood the true intention of it. Without even watching the episode, they had started scolding profusely; and Pei Qian had become the unfortunate target of such vitriol.

Pei Qian took a look at the main page of this UP Master. It looked like a very normal program offering reviews. However, embedded in it were many signs of sponsored partnerships.

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“You guys have a knack at stirring trouble; not bad. En, I could learn from this. Perhaps this could come in handy in the future.”

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Pei Qian made a mental note of this company. This type of account that specialized in such methods was the most professional at taking money to execute all sorts of tasks. It might be useful for Boss Pei in the future.

Pei Qian didn’t mind at all; notoriety was after all still a form of popularity!

Everyone could continue to scold as they pleased; I don’t bother looking at the comments section. I’ll continue with my plan of making my episodes, and I’m sure they will gain in popularity slowly.