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They were trying to justify this scene, something that would otherwise turn eyes away, on the grounds that Bro is a half-demon.

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“Yes, after all, you’re a damn monster! You can only hang with delinquent trash, no matter what you do!”

“You think you’ll be allowed to act so cool and fight against adults?”

“Now, cry, kneel down and apologize!”

Beating up as they pleased, saying as they pleased.

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However, Bro did not refute it at all, and was just standing there accepting the attacks no matter what.

He never fell, never broke, continued to be hit, his face and the body were painfully carved with blood splatter and injuries.

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I felt a shudder. I didn’t know how to express this feeling.

However, no matter how much was done, the light in his eyes does not yield to the other party at all.

Bro should be much stronger than his opponents, but he was trying to stick it out in order to draw a distinction based on my belief.

“This, guy…”

I’ve seen, with my own eyes, Bro’s open-minded personality, his fighting skills, and how he’s adored by youth and people in the town.

Certainly, I had the impression that he was “out of the ordinary”, “strong”, “popular” and so on, but that was it.

For sure there are others with more unusual personalities, who are much stronger, and more popular than Bro.

But this way of life… how things should be… the figure that sticks to his principles to the bitter end, and never shows weakness……

“This guy’s… so… Awesome!”

A hooligan that can’t be respected. No, whether delinquents, humans, demons, half-demons, and so on… as an individual, it didn’t matter.