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The moment the president said that, a huge explosion echoed.


When we hurriedly looked out the window, our gymnasium was up in flames.

Moreover, it was not only that.

A group dressed in black cloaks climbed over the outer wall and invaded one after another.

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「The Black Organization?!」

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Immediately after the president shouted so, an in-house broadcast sounded.

「Emergency broadcast! Emergency broadcast! Our academy is under attack from a mysterious group which seems to be the Black Organization! Students should intercept as much as possible! I repeat! Our academy is–」

Thousand Blade Academy, which was hit by a surprise attack, fell into unprecedented chaos.

「-Allen-kun, Ria-san, Rose-san, will you help me?」

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「Yes, of course!」


「Leave it to me.」

And we began to move at once to intercept the Black Organization which had invaded Thousand Blade Academy.

Following the surprise attack by the Black Organization, we went to the staff room to get a firm grasp on the current situation – due to the calm judgment of the president and Rose who are used to being in the field. After all, making poor moves would cause further confusion.

「-Excuse me.」

The president briefly said and opened the door of the staff room.