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“Whoa, oh! That kid...”

“So fast!”

“Not just power at that age, but speed!”

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Run around at high speed, and then, and from here, start hitting left consecutive shots.

“...... Hou”

“First, one shot!”

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Machio couldn’t avoid it. My left hit Machio’s shoulder... Huh...

“Wh... h, how!?”

Machio didn’t seem to care about my left shot, and on the contrary, it hurt my hand.

It felt like steel, which made me wonder if it was really human muscle.


It’s not that agitating, although I clicked my tongue unintentionally.

Rather, it’s important that my left hit suddenly.

I somehow understood that he was wearing heavy armor of muscle. Machio couldn’t keep up with my speed.

“Great Demon Flicker!”


Then, I steadily hit with consecutive strikes of my whip-like left.