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“Huh? What is this all of a sudden?”

“S-Satsuki, let’s go.”


He took Shinohara’s hand as if running away, and the two of them went to the reception desk of the private pool.

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I guess they didn’t have time to loaf around in this place because the time is fixed.


He called her by her first name and they walked hand in hand as they disappeared into their respective changing rooms. Seeing that, Akito finally noticed something strange about the two of them.

“They…eh, since when?”

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“What is it? What are you talking about?”

Keisei still didn’t understand, but he was immediately given a straightforward explanation by Haruka.

“It means they started dating”

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“What are you talking about? Ike and Shinohara are like oil and water, why would those two date each other?”

He denied with a serious expression that people who didn’t like each other would ever date each other.

“You're smart, Yukimuu, but…you’re an idiot.”

“They might’ve disliked each other at first, but I think they’ve probably been closing the distance, little by little. I get the feeling they’ve become more conscious of each other lately.”

Airi nodded her head in understanding, perhaps because girls are better at this kind of romance stuff.