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Horikita made her move, and Sakayanagi’s timer began counting down once again.

“Splendidly done, Ayanokōji-kun.”

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Upon seeing what move I had made, Sakayanagi praised me for the third time.

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a match against such a complex, powerful opponent before. You’ve managed to answer my each and every move with an equal, or sometimes far greater move of your own.”

She spoke, assessing what had happened. With my move, she had probably seen the end of the match.

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“The move you made just now was certainly a perfect one. There’s no doubting that you’re at a level that an ordinary person could only dream of reaching.”

Sakayanagi’s words were filled with emotion and her voice trembled a little.


Sakayanagi’s voice quietly echoed throughout the room.

“With this, my victory is all but set in stone.”

With that, she typed her instructions into her keyboard, which Hashimoto immediately carried out.

I responded with instructions of my own, prompting for the beginning of a flurry of movements between the two of us. The end of the match was drawing near.

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There was no conversation, only the sound of pieces moving across the chessboard.