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The System would be the one paying 1.6 million yuan. If the sum was transferred to the other party from the company’s bank account, it would be reflected as an incoming sum of money from Tengda Corporation. What would the other party think then?

Why would a rich second-generation heir pay his education fees via Tengda’s company account?

That would not do.

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After further thought, Pei Qian decided to use another identity instead. He would not be a rich second-generation heir but an outstanding employee of Tengda instead. He had performed exceptionally at work, and so Boss Pei was forking out 1.6 million yuan for him to upgrade his skills in any way.

This outstanding employee had always been interested in pursuing game design. Now that he had been given a huge sum of money, he had decided to hire an elite game designer and learn from that game designer’s success.

That meant that Pei Qian could not be an employee from the game department. Instead, he would be from… the investment department!

He had received a special reward from Boss Pei because he had made a successful investment.

Yes, that story should be believable.

Someone could ask ‘if you’re an employee of Tengda, why don’t you just learn about game design from Boss Pei?’

Then, he would reply ‘Boss Pei is so busy that he can’t spare the time.’

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Although there would be gaps in the story, there would not be huge problems. In any case, he would try to bluff as many people as he could. He just had to get a game designer to agree to come down and teach him and then successfully spend the 1.6 million yuan.

What’s more, all of those things were technically true. Pei Qian could be counted as an outstanding employee of Tengda Corporation. He had also achieved outstanding results in the investment department.

He would just be hiding one simple fact: this outstanding employee was also Boss Pei.