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Truely profitable platform

"What a heartening partner".

"Do you genuinely mean that?".

"I-I see. More importantly Kiyotaka, what kind of middle school student were you? There's absolutely no way you were normal".

"I may just be your average run-of-the-mill middle school student, you know".

"No way, no way. If someone like you were normal, the whole world's definition of normal will be overturned".

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Karuizawa swung her hands intensely from left to right while completely denying it.

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"You're smart and strong in fights too, but normally you're very quiet. There are places where you can be a little naive about the world. And honestly, what you're doing is messed up".

"Then, from your perspective, what kind of middle school student do you think I was?".

"I'm asking you that because I don't know".

As if complaining, she pouts.

"A hypothesis will do".

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Since I had come to feel like asking, I tried asking her.


Perhaps she had no immediate answer to give, but Karuizawa crossed her arms and tilted her head.

"If this were a manga, I'd say you are an agent who was raised strictly in a facility ever since childhood, or something along those lines. I don't know, I cannot think of anything else except that".

Gazing in a far off direction, Karuizawa answered with an accuracy that was beyond imagination.

"Ahh mou I don't know. I give up. What's the correct answer?".

"That's a secret".

"Uwa---. After asking someone all that, to think you won't even tell me".