Is it true that the online makeup is true?

Is it true that the online makeup is true?

“……What kind of management?”

I asked, which she responded to with a deliberate sigh.

“The problem is that compared to how many teachers there are, there are too many people to tutor. In any case, I can’t supervise everyone. I’d like you to monitor whether or not everyone is studying well.”

“The school teachers manage to teach dozens of students all by themselves. Don’t be naive.”

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“It may be self-righteous, but teachers aren’t able to supervise everyone on their own, so students end up falling behind like Ike-kun. Even if the classrooms are equipped with surveillance cameras like they are here, the situation stays the same. In class, their attitude is faked successfully, but in the end, they’re not focusing on their studies, so we’re being forced into a desperate situation like the one we’re in now.

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I had thought that I had given her a daring and resolute response, but in a single breath, she had managed to strike back and crumble my argument.

“Yukimura-kun is struggling because he isn’t used to teaching, but I’m having difficulties due to the sheer number of students on my end. Ike-kun and Yamauchi-kun are particularly problematic since they’re less attentive than kindergarteners are.”

Ike and Yamauchi appear to be attending the study sessions, but also seem to be doing whatever they wanted to do during them.

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“Do you have any objections?”


“I can skip the night sessions, right?”

“That’s fine. The night session is much better than the day one. Though compared to the boys I’m dealing with, some of the girls are the issues in that group.”

I see. Was the situation that the girls who hadn’t planned on participating, chose to do so to be with Hirata? Even if Karuizawa was his girlfriend, it wouldn’t be bad to interact with such a handsome guy, and it might not be a bad thing for the ikemen under Karuizawa’s control to rise in popularity.

I didn’t actually take part in it, but the interesting scene of their study group comes to mind.