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Fortunately, at this pace he was going, Pei Qian would be able to complete this ending before the official launch of the game.

“I can go take a look at how Teacher Qiao is doing.” Pei Qian shut his computer down, stood up, and prepared to head to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Last weekend-after having a meal with Teacher Qiao at Ming Yun Private Kitchen, Pei Qian had never gone back to Ming Yun Private Kitchen again yet.

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As there were rules regarding entertainmentwhile Pei Qian could receive a guest there once, he couldn’t do so persistently; the system would not allow that.

Hence, Pei Qian had thought that as a week had gone by, he could find an opportune time and come up with some pretext this weekend to head to Ming Yun Private Kitchen for another meal.

As for what this pretext would be…

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This was easy. He could ask Teacher Qiao to offer his opinions on making changes to the game. That could be considered as making stellar contributions to Tengda, and it would be reasonable to have a meal at his private kitchen.

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Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Handong University branch…

Qiao Liang had just taken a pause in the game as he leaned into his chair and ordered two cocktails. He was very pleased.

After playing for a month, he realized that he had slowly gotten a hang of the game!

It had been very hard at the beginning. However, it wasn’t entirely just a problem with the difficulty-level of the monsters but rather a difficulty with adjusting to a new gaming format.

If gamers could not adapt to this gameplay, they would find it very difficult. However, after doing so, the difficulty level would naturally be reduced.

Normal RPG games were very accommodating of players; they would not overtly penalize any mistakes by players, and players have gotten used to this. They felt that they were only going to let the monster hit them twice and that it wasn’t going to be consequential. However, Repent and be Saved required gamers to be fully focused while fighting weak monsters as well. They must always be mindful of every monster’s attack pattern and speed as well.

After making this change in mindset, Qiao Liang realized that the game wasn’t that difficult. He even felt that such a game was even more attractive than others.

“Sigh, I have really maligned Boss Pei previously. Repent and be Saved is a game for true hardcore gamers. It is filled with many novel elements and definitely had not been created purely to irk players!

“If it was just to repulse players, the game design could just have been changed to make it too onerous and difficult. Boss Pei evidently had ten thousand ways to make the game impossible to complete. However, he had not done so and had given all players a way forward by grinding and working hard.

“I had even suspected Boss Pei previously; I shouldn’t have!”