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Pei Qian’s main aim was to let more people know about the IOI Qualification Competition and create popularity for IOI after all.

Wu Yue: “Alright, Boss Pei, I understand!”

Wu Yue sat up in bed after hanging up.

He rushed back from Jingzhou with a few players in the middle of the night and had also arranged accommodations for his team members. They had spent almost the entire night settling down and had only just fallen asleep at six in the morning.

He did not expect to be woken up by Boss Pei’s call in the afternoon and for another three million yuan to fall onto his lap.

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Wu Yue was no longer sleepy. He got out of bed and washed his face. Afterwhich, he immediately called Manager Lu and explained the three million yuan marketing budget in detail.

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Manager Lu had just woken up and was as confused as Wu Yue.

“Boss Pei gave us another three million yuan? What’s more, he specifically said that this is only for marketing expenses? We can only spend it on marketing?” Manager Lu also felt that this was a little ridiculous.

Why was Boss Pei so good to FV Club?

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Other than the possibility that Boss Pei was actually Boss Wu’s long-lost father, it did not make sense.

Wu Yue said, “I made a rough deduction based on Boss Pei’s tone and recent events. Listen and let me know if you think this is possible?”

“The first thing Boss Pei asked me was if I had enough money. He must have found out about us buying players.”

“If that’s the case, Boss Pei must be giving us money to spend elsewhere.”

“Our team’s current strength is already considered very good in IOI’s e-sports circle. Our results would have to depend on the team’s adaptability. However, it would definitely not be a problem to compete with those strong teams.”

“Since we already have a certain level of strength, what our club lacks the most at the moment is obviously popularity and fame!”