What projects on the Internet can make money

What projects on the Internet can make money

“Well, I guess.”

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She’ll act based on her thoughts. Then again, I don’t know what she’s thinking.

That’s why we’re not really investigating right now.

“Hey you guys, what are you doing here?”

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Both of us turned around, not having expected someone to call out to us. A strawberry-blonde haired girl was looking towards us.

I’ve seen her face before. She’s Ichinose from class B, but I’ve never talked to her before. Also, I’ve heard that she’s an amazing student from the rumors floating around.

“Sorry to call you out so suddenly. Do you have some time? Oh, but if you’re here on a date, please get out quickly.”

“It’s nothing like that.”

Horikita immediately denied it. It’s only times like these when she’s fast to respond.

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“Ahaha, I see. This place is too hot to be a date spot anyway.”

Ichinose and I have never talked before. I’m saying this without any proof, but she probably doesn’t know my name. After all, I’m only one of the many students she sees every day.

Is she Horikita’s acquaintance or friend? …Nah.

If they suddenly went, “Hey, long time no see~ How are you doing~?” “I’m doing well~!”, I’m sure I would collapse while foaming at the mouth.

“Do you have some business with us?”