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“Yes! Exactly! Exactly! I’ve always got a grudge with people only praising the UI…but the plot is very well-made, after all!”

“Yeah! Right, speaking of the famous titles-“

So, during the walk to the station..both of us just chatted about hentai games that no one could talk about loudly.

“Eh? Chiaki?”

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After Konoha-san and I entered the station, we surprisingly saw Chiaki, who’s sitting on the chair playing on her phone.

As soon as I spoke, a defenseless Chiaki freaked out after she raised her head and saw me.

“K-Keita? W-W-Why, are you here…?”

She trembled and accidentally dropped her phone. I immediately grabbed it, that was so cool that even I wanted to praise myself for it. I gave Chiaki a smug look, however…

“P-Please return my phone!”

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She robbed her phone back from my hand…Honestly, I was pissed.

“I almost forgot the fact that she’s my enemy.”

We started fighting each other because we have different opinions when it comes to moe. However, now I feel like we both hated each other’s behavior. See, Chiaki’s glared at me while blushing, even with a bit of tear on her eyes, she’s clearly angry…Right, a guy like me can’t even touch your phone, right?

“I think I glanced at a mobile game screen that I’m familiar with…Whatever. I don’t even have the mood to chat anyway.”

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I explicitly let out a sigh to Chiaki, and Konoha-san leaned forward to try and smooth things over.

“Uh, I’m coming out with my sister at the start. We were walking together, but we split up because each of us has things to do. So, we decided to meet at the station before disbanding…”