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Under such circumstances, most of the bosses squeezed the employees dry – someone like Huang Sibo was a perfect example.

That was the reason why most people had pent up frustrations.

The moment they saw that a new company was recruiting – be it whether or not the company was reliable – they were willing to give it a shot.

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But of course, another reason may be due to the fact that Pei Qian’s hiring notice had low requirements.

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In the end, within a single week, he was only left with six openings out of the 30 he recruited for.

Not only that, given the current employee structure, he could start work right away.

Regarding when they should start work, Pei Qian was comparatively easygoing.

If he had not managed to recruit enough people and that resulted in him not being able to start work, the system would not have any complaints.

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However, if work was still not started after he was mostly done with his recruitment, that would be crossing the line.

Just as he was contemplating about when to start work, he heard knocks coming from the door of his guest room.


Anyone who would knock before entering right now would definitely be either Assistant Xin or Ma Yang.

And indeed, Ma Yang pushed the door open and entered.