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Is there a good job in the online initiative?

“By the way, I understand that Uehara-kun and Aguri-san are dating, so it’s reasonable for Uehara-kun to have the same reaction as I do.”


“…Uh, …well, but then why would Hoshinomori-san…be irritated over this as well?

Hoshinomori and I were suddenly alerted with the situation…She’s right. Although we’ve put our hearts on Aguri and Amano, we didn’t take care of this one at all…However, we can’t keep this up! If this goes on, Tendou will realize that Hoshinomori loves Amano!

The two of us fell silent at the sudden question. Then, Tendou looked at me Hoshinomori repeatedly with her face turning increasingly confused.

“Don’t tell me…Hoshinomori-san…is still falling for Amano-kun…”

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Hoshinomori and I started to sweat furiously…Uh, but…

“Wait, to me, the Captain of the Hoshinomori Love Solidarity Group, isn’t this a good chance? If I make Hoshinomori declare war right now, the situation will more or less change, right…”

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With that, I glanced at Hoshinomori. So, …Hoshinomori proceeded to…

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She seems to be looking away from me embarrassingly. Those eyes are clearly showing the guilty of stomping on someone’s kindness! I guess she can’t bring herself to look at Tendou directly, and she doesn’t know why she’s getting that sympathetic look…Anyway, this person is so kind!

Just as my determination to support Hoshinomori’s relationship is getting stronger, Hoshinomori stood up abruptly and turned to Tendou like she already made up her mind.

“T-Tendou-san! Uh, the reason why I’m irritated over Keita and Aguri…is…well…is because…because…I…!”


Is she finally making a declaration of war? Hoshinomori’s imposing manner made both Tendou and I swallowed.