Do you sell fake medicine?

Do you sell fake medicine?

After entering deep into the nest, they began to encounter more and more powerful Zergs, including hatching spring worms and self-exploding worms. The difficulty of the battle in this stage was gradually increasing. Most of the time, correct strategies must be adopted. For example, the handling of self-explosive insects carefully; otherwise, the splashing of acid on a large scale after the insect were to explode would cause serious damage to the players.

At this point, the players began to encounter some troubles and needed to help each other out. However, their overall mentality was still relatively positive.

Artificial intelligence would still be guiding the protagonist to make the best decisions and follow the suggestions of artificial intelligence, which would significantly reduce the difficulty of combat.

The third part:

The Zergs continued to populate, gradually exceeding the squad’s ultimate combat capability. They found the limbs or pieces of other teams’ combat uniforms while going deeper into the nest. The breathing time after the battle would become precious.

Some team members began to lose their state of mind. They did not find any traces of the queen after wandering at the bottom of the worm’s nest for a long time. On the other hand, they saw many dead teams. They began to question the rate of success calculated by artificial intelligence without logistics. They felt that they would be buried here.

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However, the players pushed forward after cheering each other up.

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The artificial intelligence was still analyzing data as usual, directing battles, and adhering to its original calculations in the face of doubts from the players.

The fourth part:

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The actions of the squad had alarmed the Zergs. The main force of the Zergs might not be in the nest, but as long as there were enough worker bees, spring worms, and self-exploding worms; it would be enough to pose a huge threat to the squad.

Countless Zergs were coming in from all directions. Their escape route had been completely cut off and could only continue advancing. A severely injured member broke off and detonated the miniature reactor in his chest to block the swarm of insects behind them.

Qin Yi found out that there were very few teams who had survived the mission after gaining a breather.

What was even more frightening was that the team accidentally found fragments of combat uniforms in the depths of the worm’s nest. Those were fragments of the Skylark II combat uniform. It showed that humans had already tried decapitation operations previously without success. The information was withheld by artificial intelligence.