Even faster than I could react, Kushida stood up and grabbed Sudou’s arm.

Horikita raised her eyebrows and stayed calm.

“I have no interest in you, but I can understand what kind of person you are. You want to become a basketball pro? Do you think that kind of childish wish can simply become true in this society? A half-hearted person like you who gives up easily can never become a pro. Furthermore, even if you become a pro, I don’t think you’d be able to get a sufficient annual income. You’re a fool for setting your sights on such a idealized job.”


It’s clear that Sudou is on the brink of losing his control. If he raised his fist, I’ll also have to jump out and hold him back.

“Can you just give up on studying, no, school? And then you can give up on your dreams to become a basketball pro and live a pitiful life working a part time job.”

“Ha… that’s just fine. I’m giving up. It’s not because it’s too difficult for me. I took a day off from my club activities, but it was a complete waste of time. Bye!”

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“You’re saying some strange things. Studying is difficult.”

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Horikita shot him a final blow. If Kushida weren’t there, Sudou probably would’ve hit Horikita. Not hiding his irritation, he stuffed his textbook into his bag.

“Hey, is this ok?”

“Doesn’t matter. For someone who’s indifferent… it’s pointless to care about someone like that. Even though expulsion is at stake. He doesn’t have an ounce of determination to stay in school.”

“I thought it was strange for someone like you who has no friends to invite people to a study group. At best, you brought us over here to call us stupid. If you weren’t a girl, I’d hit you.”

“You just don’t have the courage to hit me, right? Don’t use my gender as a reason.”

The study group started moments ago, but it was already crumbling.

“I also quit. Even though a small part of it is because I can’t study… most of it’s because I’m irritated. Horikita-san may be smart, but that doesn’t mean you’re above us.”

Losing his patience, Ike also gave up.

“I don’t care whether or not you drop out of school, so do as you like.”

“Well, I’ll pull an all-nighter for that.”