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That, I wouldn’t give information to an enemy, a rival, of the student I was looking to work with.

“Let’s go Utomiya-kun. We shouldn’t waste any more of Ayanokōji-senpai’s time like this.”

“…You’re right.”

I was grateful that they had reached out to me, but I couldn’t make such a hasty decision.

There was far too little data on Tsubaki Sakurako.

“Just in case, here’s my contact information.”

Utomiya handed me a slip of paper with his contact information written on it that he had prepared beforehand.

“It’s a bit self-serving for me to say this, but I might contact you if I’m turned down by the person I’m thinking of working with. In which case, if you’re still willing to partner up with me at the time, then please let me know.”

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“Understood. Let’s go Tsubaki.”

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At Utomiya’s prompting, Tsubaki uncrossed her arms and stood up from her seat.

And then, she lightly bowed before leaving together with Utomiya, in search of somebody else to partner up with.

“Tsubaki Sakurako and Utomiya Riku, huh? I’ll have to keep them in mind.”

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Now that I had thrown away a chance to secure my partner, my actions moving forward would be of the utmost importance.

After all, it wouldn’t be very funny if I partnered up with another first-year student and ended up drawing the short end of the stick.