Is this made of these money?

Is this made of these money?

「If you can take back control from me… Then… you should’ve given your best… from the start…」

Then he slowly collapsed on the spot.

His long white hair returned to his usual black hair, and the black pattern that was under his left eye disappeared.

「A-Allen…!? Are you alright…!?」

Ria ran up to Allen, who was panting heavily, and raised his head to her lap.

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「R-Ria… sorry… for scaring you…」

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Allen reached for Ria’s cheek with foggy consciousness.

「No, it’s alright… So don’t worry…」

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She held his hand gently and never let go.

「Your voice, reached me… thank you…」

At the end of those words,

「…Allen? Nee, Allen…? Respond, Allen!」

He quietly lost consciousness.

It is around noon, two days after the ups and downs of the Big Five Holy Festival.

An urgent board meeting was held on the top floor of the『Five Academy Tower』towering in the capital of this country – the center of Orest.