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Thus he was ever present to her thoughts. She never tired ofturning over in her mind all he had said of his past life: shetried to remember his words, and the very tone of his voice.

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And by living constantly thus with the memory of Marius de Tregars,she made herself familiar with him, deceived to that extent, bythe illusion of absence, that she actually persuaded herself thatshe knew him better and better every day.

Already nearly a month had elapsed, when one afternoon, as shearrived on the Place Royal; she recognized him, standing near thatsame bench where they had so strangely exchanged their pledges.

He saw her coming too: she knew it by his looks. But, when shehad arrived within a few steps of him, he walked off rapidly,leaving on the bench a folded newspaper.

Mme. Favoral wished to call him back and return it; but Mlle.

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Gilberte persuaded her not to.

"Never mind, mother," said she, "it isn't worth while; and, besides,the gentleman is too far now."But while getting out her embroidery, with that dexterity which neverfails even the most naive girls, she slipped the newspaper in herwork-basket.

Was she not certain that it had been left there for her?

As soon as she had returned home, she locked herself up in her ownroom, and, after searching for some time through the columns, sheread at last:

"One of the richest and most intelligent manufacturers in Paris,M. Marcolet, has just purchased in Grenelle the vast groundsbelonging to the Lacoche estate. He proposes to build upon thema manufacture of chemical products, the management of which is tobe placed in the hands of M. de T--.

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"Although still quite young, M. de T-- is already well known inconnection with his remarkable studies on electricity. He was,perhaps, on the eve of solving the much controverted problem ofelectricity as a motive-power, when his father's ruin compelled himto suspend his labors. He now seeks to earn by his personal industrythe means of prosecuting his costly experiments.

"He is not the first to tread this path. Is it not to the inventionof the machine bearing his name, that the engineer Giffard owes thefortune which enables him to continue to seek the means of steeringballoons? Why should not M. de T--, who has as much skill and energy,have as much luck?""Ah! he does not forget me," thought Mlle. Gilberte, moved to tearsby this article, which, after all, was but a mere puff, written byMarcolet himself, without the knowledge of M. de Tregars.