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“For arguments sake, if we say that everyone stopped being late and stopped talking in class… your deduction would be zero, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get more points.

In other words, next month’s allowance is also 0 points.

Not being late or not talking to class won’t help you get back up from the bottom.

Keep that in mind—it’ll help you.”

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Hirata’s face got even darker. A part of the class still failed to understand; her explanation had the opposite effect. The students who wanted to change their bad behavior had their mood dampened. That is Chiyabashira-sensei’s; no, the school’s aim.

The bell rang, signaling the end of homeroom.

“Looks like we had too much idle chit-chat. Hopefully you understood. Anyway, let’s move onto the main issue at hand.”

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She spread out the white poster that was rolled into a tube. Taking a magnet, she stuck it onto the board. The students looked at the paper, still confused.

“Is this… the results of each class?”

Horikita tried to explain the paper even though she was only half sure. Perhaps it’s true.

Classes A to D were listed on the paper, with numbers right next to them.