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“…Good morning.”

There’s also the sulky student president of Hekiyou High School that’s greeting us as if she was forced to do so. The two of them slowly walked towards us.

We greeted each other before strolling forward. During this time, Hoshinomori spoke up with a bitter smile.

“Sigh, …it looks like we got more people than expected.”

“Of course. There’re already 6 people who were confirmed to join.”

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Also, it included us four plus Amano and Tendou, 6 people in total. To put it simply, it’s the Game Hobby Club +1.

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I glanced at Konoha-san, and she stared right back at me explicitly. She even started to provoke me.

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“Sigh, this was supposed to be a sweet time for Amano-senpai and me only. It turned into this because someone has been pulling some strings behind.”


Hoshinomori and I mumbled. Aguri, who seemingly didn’t understand what’s going on, tilted her head to express her confusion.

“Eh? Isn’t this an ‘everyone play with Amanocchi’ gathering?”

After Konoha-san witnessed Aguri’s innocent look, …she sighed a bit less vigorously and beamed her a smile.

“It’s nothing, you’re right. Aguri-senpai.”

“Really? Konohacchi.”

I think Aguri’s way of calling Konoha-san suddenly changed without me knowing it. Sigh, she can rapidly get close to someone since a long ago. Honestly, Konoha-san also acted like she didn’t mind and answered. “Right.”

“However, initially, only Amano-senpai and I have played this mobile game before. So, there are just 2 participants at the beginning of the plan.”

“Really. Well…”

So, Aguri’s still using her innocent, yet an unbelievably provocative tone and pissed Konoha-san off.