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“By the way, it was terrifying when Kouenji-kun and Sudou-kun were about to start fighting.”

“Ah. It was an explosive situation, but I guess you could say that they were on the verge of exchanging blows.”

Although Kouenji always does things at his own pace, if Sudou had swung a blow at him, he would’ve fought back.

If things had continued any further, it would’ve been a catastrophe.

“I was so scared that I couldn’t move… Hirata-kun is amazing. Truly respectable.”

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Realizing I was a little jealous of her praise for Hirata, I did some self-reflection.

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It was only natural to feel respect for somebody who could courageously interject into a situation like that.

“Class D was somehow able to take shape thanks to you and Hirata. It’s also due to the fact that both boys and girls were involved.”

Sometimes, matters between girls can only be resolved by girls.

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“I’m just doing things as I normally do. It wasn’t anything special.”

“I think Hirata would’ve said the same thing.”

Most of the time, special people don’t consider themselves as such.

“While we’re speaking of special, isn’t Horikita-san more special than someone like me? She can study and her physical abilities are excellent. It makes me wonder why she was placed in Class D.”

That doesn’t make her special. Instead, that makes her a rather unique type of person.

I kept quiet as I was afraid that saying too many bad things about her would come back to bite me later on.

“Wasn’t she assigned to Class D partially because she’s not very sociable?”

“But isn’t she normal when she interacts with you, Ayanokouji-kun?”

“You’re saying that’s… normal?”