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“At this moment, some would surely ask, ‘I’m not a masochist. Why should I go in to be frightened?’

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“That was also what I thought at first.

“However, after experiencing all the projects, I returned to the square and washed my hands in the Healing Spring. It was then that I changed my mind. In fact, I even thought about challenging myself again and selecting a higher difficulty level.

“That was for the same reason that all of us keep playing Repent and be Saved from start to finish, again and again: No one likes being tortured, but we all like defeating our mental demons and successfully overcoming our difficulties!

“Why do haunted houses exist, and why have they become one of the most important facilities in amusement parks? That’s because it is human nature for us to chase excitement.

“An ordinary life where every day repeats itself is stable but very dry. In today’s society, many people seem like they’ve been soaking themselves in tubs of honey. On the surface, their lives look worry-free, but in reality, the sugar will slowly get to our heads.

“Our tiring work damages our health, and a stable life brings us bliss. However, too much bliss would cause us to lose our sense of danger.

“That’s why so many people chase excitement. Whether they take roller coasters, take pendulum rides, or visit haunted houses; the controlled amount of fear causes us to appreciate how beautiful life is. Our hearts race, our adrenaline levels shoot up, and our degenerating bodies that are worn down by daily life once again operate at full force!

“Think about how you feel after driving for a long time: bored and tired from beginning to end. As your eyelids get heavier, the terrifying danger looms over your head...

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“At that moment, someone shouts by your ear! You immediately jolt awake—filled with energy and focus once again—as you begin the second half of your journey.

“That’s why anyone who finds life boring and bland, and who craves risk in their hearts, should experience Thriller Hostel!

“There, you don’t have to worry about being too scared or having a bland experience. The gradual nature of the three projects would give you the most appropriate level of fear. What’s more, you can save your progress and take a break at any time before continuing. It’s just like Repent and be Saved in that it offers you the best platform to challenge yourself!

“For these reasons, Thriller Hostel suits everyone who seeks to challenge himself or herself!

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“The last question is whether Thriller Hostel’s pricing strategy was a failure or not.

“Of course not!”

“There’s clearly a very deep purpose hidden in this

“The Desperate Escape is priced so low to attract more visitors here. Its interesting gameplay, social interaction, and repeatable gaming experience could really expand the Thriller Hostel’s customer base.