How nightmares make money online

How nightmares make money online

He briefly talked about the advantages of this pair of glasses and briefly mentioned its various parameters.

However, Qiao Liang knew very well that this pair of spectacles was definitely not a product that was useless apart from being made of material.

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Its various parameters were indeed higher than the current VR glasses products in the market, but its true outstanding points were definitely not limited to that.

The most impressive thing about Doubt VR glasses was that it redefined the operating norms of VR games through the design of the controller. It also used the game “Animal Island VR” to guide players to adapt to the VR operating norms and showed the unlimited possibilities of the future of VR games.

No one seemed to have praised these yet.

After all, the game had only been released two days ago. Most people were still trying out the contents of the game. It was not enough to make such an analysis.

“Animal Island VR” was a leisure game with a longer game flow. At the same time, considering that the VR glasses should not be used for too long and to prevent players from playing seriously, this game would separate the rich game content and unlock it in the first few days.

This caused most UP Masters and streamers to not be able to see the game’s true appearance in the short term. They could only play a little.

However, Qiao Liang was different.

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When he was helping Slow Movement Studio, he had already experienced all the gameplay of this game and had a rather deep understanding of the game itself.

These contents were all at his fingertips!

However, the problem was that he did not keep any video materials when he experienced the game previously. Thus, if he wanted the materials, he had to experience the game again and record it.

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Qiao Liang recalled that he had not done a live stream for a long time.

It was just as well. He could play “Animal Island” for a while, explain to his fans, and record materials.