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“On the stage, below the stage, the faces and back view, one light, one dark, one moving, one quiet, forming a sharp contrast. The meaning is profound, the layout is exquisite, and it is worthy of being a masterpiece!”

Pei Qian fell into a daze after reading the hottest comments in the post.

What the h*ll was that?!

Who took the photo? Why did you take a photo of me?

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The comments below were even more ridiculous. What was going on?

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Why did it become a world famous painting?

He had even written a piece with classical chinese? He had even composed a f*cking poem!

The most outrageous thing is that there were people who made up the story for it entirely with their imaginations, making up the artistic value of this photo and the inner world of everyone in the picture!

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These idiotic netizens were all brain-damaged.

Obviously, netizens had completely misinterpreted Pei Qian’s trip to Shanghai.

At first, Pei Qian did not think too much about it. He simply did not want to watch the GPL. He only wanted to relax by watching FV compete in Shanghai. He had come alone with a mask on and had intended to keep a low profile.

For some reason, the organizers recognized him unexpectedly. The competition went well but they insisted on giving him a close-up shot. They had even fanned the flames online.

Great, now the entire world knew that Boss Pei had personally attended the IOI qualifiers!

It would have been fine if FV Club had lost, IOI would have earned all of its popularity. However, he had not expected FV Club to have such a strong bladder. They fought ten rounds and became more and more courageous, every win stabbed deep into Boss Pei’s heart.

Pei Qian knew what was going on, but the onlookers did not!