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The poor woman came near fainting.

"What can this judge want with me? It ought to be forbidden tocall a wife to testify against her husband," she said.

"M. de Tregars will tell you what to answer, mamma," said Mlle.

Meantime, seven o'clock came, then eight, and still neither Maxencenor M. de Tregars had come.

Both mother and daughter were becoming anxious, when at last, alittle before nine, they heard steps in the hall.

Marius de Tregars appeared almost immediately.

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He was pale; and his face bore the trace of the crushing fatigues ofthe day, of the cares which oppressed him, of the reflections whichhad been suggested to his mind by the quarrel of which he had nearlybeen the victim a few moments since.

"Maxence is not here?" he asked at once.

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"We have not seen him," answered Mlle. Gilberte.

He seemed so much surprised, that Mme. Favoral was frightened.

"What is the matter again, good God!" she exclaimed.

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"Nothing, madame," said M. de Tregars, - "nothing that should alarmyou. Compelled, about two hours ago, to part from Maxence, I was tohave met him here. Since he has not come, he must have beendetained. I know where; and I will ask your permission to run andjoin him."He went out; but Mlle. Gilberte followed him in the hall, and,taking his hand,"How kind of you!" she began, "and how can we ever sufficientlythank you?"He interrupted her.

"You owe me no thanks, my beloved; for, in what I am doing, thereis more selfishness than you think. It is my own cause, more thanyours, that I am defending. Any way, every thing is going on well."And, without giving any more explanations, he started again. Hehad no doubt that Maxence, after leaving him, had run to the Hoteldes Folies to give to Mlle. Lucienne an account of the day's work.

And, though somewhat annoyed that he had tarried so long, on secondthought, he was not surprised.

It was, therefore, to the Hotel des Folies that he was going. Nowthat he had unmasked his batteries and begun the struggle, he wasnot sorry to meet Mlle Lucienne.

In less than five minutes he had reached the Boulevard du Temple.

In front of the Fortins' narrow corridor a dozen idlers werestanding, talking.

M. de Tregars was listening as he went along.