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「They are Ria-Vesteria and Rose-Valencia… They’re quite famed as『princess』and『bounty hunter』, though…」

As Ria and Rose stood before the president and the senpais,

「Stop trying to take away『our』Allen!」

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「We resolutely reject the prospect of joining the student council!」

They said with a strong, firm tone.

Then the president stood up on the spot and spoke.

「Let’s see… why do you two reject it?」

「Because Allen is the head of our Practice-Swing Club!」


「I think you already heard it from Allen-kun, but… There’s really nothing in general affairs, so it won’t affect the activities of the practice-swing club, you know? It’s okay just to go to regular meetings held during lunch break.」

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「A-Allen always eats lunch together with me!」

「M-Me too…!」

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When they made such a strong rebuttal,