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“Yeah…being a loser isn’t fun, but…”

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While I’m contemplating in my head, the bus finally showed up at the front of the road.

So, I quitted the game and put away my phone, then hopped into the bus as soon as its door opened.


Immediately, someone already explicitly glanced at me with an unusual look at his face, I freaked out and nearly tripped over. Still, all these glances only made me even more uncomfortable than I already am.

I sprung to the empty seat in front, sat down, and took a few deep breaths. My body, which was drenched in sweat, felt a little bit better.

The bus started moving along with the usual scenery of the street. I felt relieved, being surrounded in an environment that I am familiar with-

“Look, it’s him.”

“Really? That guy?”

They are gossiping about me in the back seats. My shoulder immediately started to shiver from the sheer fear, and then I retook a few deep breaths before looking out of the window, pretending that everything is fine. A humble, pale, and weak face looked back at me in the glass, with a dark shade beneath the eyes signaling my tiredness.

Feeling a wave of unfriendly teases haunting my ears, well, maybe this is just out of my paranoia. However, the one thing that I’m sure of is that people are glancing and commenting at me, and I don’t like it.

I let out a big sigh, a tinge of fog immediately formed on the window before disappearing just as fast, and that timid face showed up again. The sheer heat from summer made me face reality head-on.

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“Man, we don’t match each other no matter how you put it.”

A shabby, doll-like face, a weak physique, a heart that lacks masculinity, unable to socialize with others. All my hobbies are indoors; I’m clumsy and impulsive, the first thought that appeared in my head when I hear celebrities marrying each other is when they will break up, and the guy that still wishes to end up in Isekai animes from time to time. That’s me, Keita Amano.

Well, maybe I’m not that shitty. Yes, that was such a self-abased description that I feel disgusted thinking about it. I’m not an asshole, I guess. However, when you compare me to the Tendou-san, something seems off, way off actually.

Karen Tendou, she is the idol of our high school. A cute JK with blonde hair and light blue eyes, her cute face is straight out of another magical world. Top grades, good in sports, elegant but caring, she is like an angel to me. Of course, all the boys are yearning after her; she must have received over 9000 confessions and rejected every single one of them, which makes her look even more like an idol.

Now that I’m done with the introduction, and I would like to announce a shocking fact here.

This idol, Karen Tendou, is my girlfriend.

WAIT, DON’T SEND ME TO THE HOSPITAL YET. I deeply understand what you are feeling right now; I’m just a loser, after all, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if I made it to news headlines tomorrow under the title of “Creepy Otaku Claims Victim Is His Girlfriend.”