Is there anyone who played a lottery online?

Is there anyone who played a lottery online?

“Then… Are you saying you think you can?”

“It depends on more than just me.”

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“Then something should’ve been done about this a long time ago.”

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Many students had reached out due to their concern. It wasn’t just Mii-chan.

Horikita was beginning to question Mii-chan’s behavior because she had convinced herself that nothing would manage to get through to him.

“Well, we’ll talk later. I’ll lose track of them if we continue this now.”

“Come back soon.”

She spoke like a mother would when seeing off their child. Just as I began walking, I bumped into Hashimoto.

It didn’t seem to be a mere coincidence either… I found myself wondering if he was here to keep a watch on our class.

It was even possible that he had overheard my conversation with Horikita.

He didn’t seem surprised. Instead, he just called out to me with a grin on his face that made it seem like he had witnessed something amusing.

“Yo Ayanokōji.”

Nonetheless, I didn’t have time to talk with him right now.

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“Sorry. I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

“If you’re going after your classmate, she ran off that way.”

I responded to him with a light nod and proceeded to go after Mii-chan.