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Not long after embarking on the long journey, Mikitani posed Kiriyama a question in an attempt to kill time.

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“As far as we can. I’m aware it’s risky to travel in the dark like this, but I think I’d at least like to make it within one area of him before stopping for the night. We have to catch up with him by 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, after all.”

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Once Kōenji started moving again, catching up would become significantly more difficult.

“Well, we’ve got two days, so I’d reckon it’ll be a walk in the park. With all six of your group coming along, we’ve got eighteen whole people across seven whole groups working on this.”

Mikitani turned and looked over his shoulder, as if to motion toward the sixteen third-year students following behind them.

“Don’t get careless. There’s a good chance he might give us the slip with how vast the forest is.”

“I get he’s like, fuckin’ strong for a second-year, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s younger than us.”

Kiriyama and Mikitani had never seen Kōenji’s outstanding physical prowess firsthand, so it was difficult for them to make a completely accurate assessment of who they were dealing with. But even so, they had been aggregating data on the true extent of his capabilities from various third-year students who had previously competed against him in Tasks.

“Stay cautious and keep your wits about you. Treat this as though we’re going against our greatest adversary yet.”

“Greatest adversary? Suuure dude. Whatever you say.”

Presented with such a dismissive, derisive response, Kiriyama felt reassured that turning down Mikitani’s plea had been the right decision after all.

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When faced with an enemy you have to defeat no matter the cost, you must take them on with the unwavering intention to kill, to choke the life out of them.

However, should you lack the resolve to do so and approach with negligence, well, that’s when you might end up as the one being snuffed out instead.

A little after 6:30 AM on the following morning, the eleventh day of the exam, the Kiriyama group and the six Free Groups had successfully surrounded Kōenji’s campsite.