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Although the price of the drinks was not considered low now—after some thought, Pei Qian decided that there was still room to increase the price!

Pei Qian made up his mind. “Add ten yuan to the price of every drink. Our customers are all high-class customers. If we price our drinks too low, it would be akin to looking down on them!”

“Huh?” Zhang Yuan was stunned.

“That’s decided, then. We will add ten yuan to the price of every drink.” Pei Qian sipped his cocktail happily and went back to his game.

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Naturally, Zhang Yuan did not ask any more questions. Instead, he turned around and went back to work.

Pei Qian played for a while more and felt satisfied.

It was not so much because of the environment… but because of the expenses! According to his calculations, playing this game for two hours and drinking a glass of cocktail cost him eighty yuan in total. This money was enough to play at an ordinary internet cafe for a week!

Immediately, mainstream customers would be chased out of this internet cafe into other, cheaper alternatives.

Of course, Pei Qian knew that these high-end internet cafes would soon become the trend in sixty or seventy years. However, that didn’t matter… as long as it was not the trend now. What’s more, in sixty or seventy years, internet cafes would not have cocktails at sixty yuan per glass!

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He had to incur a loss! He had to incur losses for the next four to five years.

How great!

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Pei Qian stood up and prepared to leave.