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「100 Million Volts -〈Imperata Glome〉!」

She fired a spiral lightning strike with enormous force.

On the other hand, I focused the jet-black darkness on the edges of my sword and created a『pseudo-black sword』.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

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The black Dark Roar clad in darkness flipped over the stone stage. The two attacks, unleashed with all our might, clashed in the middle.

Darkness and Lightning raged violently. Intense shock waves assailed the venue.

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And then, the azure lightning strike and the black Dark Roar disappeared at the same time.


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When we ascertained that the attacks had disappeared, we both dropped to our knees at the same time.

「「Haa haa…」」

I desperately took in oxygen into my body and somehow managed to hold on to my consciousness.

The darkness cladding my body had already vanished.