Is the online app platform make money?

Is the online app platform make money?

『You said you would take this seriously.』

“I, I know! I’m going to do that...”

No, I understand. It’s no use getting angry at my behavior when you’re diligently teaching me how to be my true self.

However, when seeing that Great Demon King skip and Hopscotch in front of you, laughter is inevitable.

I might be the first man in history to witness the Great Demon King skipping.

『Honestly... All right? This ladder training is not only a warm-up, tis effective for improving basic skills!』

“Is that so?”

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『Yes! Tis apparent I need to explain the effects first.』

Having said that, while I was a little blushing and angry, Tre’ainar taught me the effect of this strange thing.

『With this ladder training, we can train your ability to quickly step, stop and turn, and even slow down, turn back, and accelerate. Do you know what that means?』

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No, let’s ignore the previous skip. I won’t ridicule him anymore.

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Now, I’ll earnestly give it my full attention.

Improvement in functionality can be obtained according to the words of this Tre’ainar.... That is......

“Does that mean I’m going to use my body better?”

『To be more precise, it is to increase the reaction speed of nerves and muscles.』

Nerve and muscle reaction speed? I get it, I don’t get it.